Jungle Snafus...and Remedies
By Cresson H. Kearny, Major of the Infantry, United States Army, Ret.

"Throughout the military history of the American people, the qualities that have contributed most to winning battles have been the ability and the willingness of its combat leaders to innovate and solve unexpected problems with ingenuity and creativity.  Jungles Snafus ... and Remedies provides an amazing revelation of first hand stories and anecdotes that enable the reader to gain ideas and examples of how imaginative thinking by combat leaders can avoid disasters, save lives, and win battles. The book is a fun read and covers many areas unrelated to jungles. I strongly recommend that all leaders, especially those in infantry and Special Operations units, read this fascinating collection of combat wisdom."

John K. Singlaub
Major General U.S. Army (Ret.)
World-ranging fighter in defense of freedom
This book includes descriptions of much of the combat-proven equipment, ranging from lightweight breath-inflated boats and individual flotation devices to cool mosquito-protective uniforms, that again should be produced and issued to American soldiers. Teams from my Jungle Platoon needed such equipment when reconnoitering some 40 Japanese-held islands and destroying installations. Nor would all 11 Rangers of the team I commanded have been drowned off Omaha Beech had they had the breath-inflated bladders issued late in WWII to many thousands of our soldiers fighting Japanese invaders.

George C. Ferguson
who was awarded 12 Purple
Hearts before being made the
Command Sergeant Major of CONRAC

This book is: "Dedicated to American infantrymen, who in our future wars will continue to pay the greatest costs."

Critical, combat proven life saving information needed for anyone's child in military service.  This book is absolutely necessary for anyone with children in the military, especially Special Forces. Cresson includes detailed simple instructions on making/getting items that the military forgot to give or thrifted out of the budget. Proven methods for keeping the soldiers M-16 from jamming due to sand and snow. Proven methods for the prevention of drowning for combat laden soldiers (did you see the men drowning in Private Ryan?). Proven methods to mosquito proof clothing for months/years to prevent transmission of bug born diseases. If you have children in the military, get this book. Even though I am not in the military I learned and used many things from this book. Cresson's life saving items have been used in all wars from WWII through Desert Storm and still today. The endorsements on the back cover do a better job than I ever could.

Steven E. Harris
Devoted Student and Friend of Cresson Kearny.
Webmaster http://www.JungleSnafus.com



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