Jungle Snafus...and Remedies
By Cresson H. Kearny, Major of the Infantry, United States Army, Ret.

Free Real Audio Speeches.  Each File is about 1 hour long.  To SAVE to your hard drive, RIGHT CLICK on the speech and select SAVE AS.  When done, double click on the saved file to play.  Or just right click on the speech on the website and it will stream to your computer.  This audio uses the FREE VERSION of the Real Audio player available for FREE at http://www.real.com

All speeches have to do with the protection of either the American Public or the protection and equipping of the American Infantry Soldier.  Rare pearls of wisdom from his career with jungle expedition starting in the 1930's.

1994 Kearny - Jungle Snafus-Preventing Death in the Jungle (3.0 MB)

1995 Kearny - Malaria and Other Hazards-the State of Our Defenses (3.6 MB)

1996 Kearny - Survival vs. Denial and Avoidance (3.4 MB)

1997 Kearny - Overcoming Obstacles to Effective Civil Defense (3.7 MB)

1998 Kearny - War-Winning and War-Losing Equipment and Ideas (2.9 MB)

1999 Kearny - Jungle Snafus and Remedies and Upcoming NBC Snafus (3.7 MB)

2000 - 1.5 Hours of Video and Audio  Coming Soon.



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