Jungle Snafus...and Remedies
By Cresson H. Kearny, Major of the Infantry, United States Army, Ret.

How to make a rifle bag on your kitchen table for people in the military who need to protect their M-16 from jamming

In the event of hostilities breaking out and our troops being deployed.  We want every 'mother' to be able to supply her child with the best items to help support their combat effectiveness and protect their lives.  With that in mind we are publishing these un-copyrighted instructions on how to make a rifle bag at home.  Make the bags at home and mail them to your children or friends in the military.  Send as many bags as you can, both for your love ones AND their fellow soldiers.

Only 2 Items need to be purchased.

  1. The plastic

  1. An impulse heat sealer.  These can be ordered from any plastics house or plastics supply business.  It can even be delivered by FEX-EX overnight.

Below is where we ordered our plastic and heat sealer.  You can call the 800# and use the part numbers we have supplied below for the correct thickness and type of plastic.  Or you can call any other plastic supplier and read the description.  DO NOT use plastic thicker than 2 mils.

Associated Plastics - Milwaukee WI  1-800-926-6100
PART #   Size  DESC                                                                       PRICE
27-4-14  14"  2 Mil LayFlat Polyethylene Tubing 1 roll - 1800 Ft  $ 61.45
83-02A   16" Impulse sealer                                                             $149.15

With each bag being 5' long, an 1800 ft roll should make about 360 bags costing about 18 cents each (minus the cost of the heat sealer) 



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Basic Instructions:
Roll out 5 feet of plastic, seal it, cut it, put instructions in the bag, mail it.

  1. Roll out 5 Feet of Plastic
  2. Seal at 5 feet long (no shorter!)
  3. Cut the plastic with scissors or a sharp knife
  4. Put a copy of the instructions in the plastic bag from page 122 of Jungle Snafus..and Remedies.
  5. Mail the bags to your loved ones in the military, make sure you send plenty of bags for their use and for the other people they serve with.

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